WHO we are

“Your Travel Mate” is being managed by a small team of young people from Greece aiming to bring their dreams to life by travelling all around the world.


“Your Travel Mate” established in June 2019 by a young person passionate about travelling. While planning his holidays he noticed that no friends or relatives were able to travel with him at the time. So, he had to make a very difficult decision between traveling alone or not traveling at all… Unfortunatelly, that wasn’t the first time. Finally, he joined a group of other travellers and had an incredible time on vacation with them, resulting in the idea of creating this page.
Soon, “Your Travel Mate” got more people involved. Each one of them loves searching for cheap flight tickets, affordable but satisfactory hotel rooms and the best sightseeing in popular travel destinations, so we came up with the idea of sharing all the above with you by organizing group excursions and giving priority to single or small groups of travellers.

what is it about?

“Your Travel Mate” team shares with you travel tips, cheap flights, hotels and sightseeing in popular destinations and organizes group excursions to some of them.
“Your Travel Mate” is not made exlusively for single or small groups but for everyone who loves travelling. However, in the case of limited seats for an excursion individuals or small groups (2-3 individuals) of travellers will be prioritised.

why to travel with us?

Travelling in a group is significantly better than doing so alone or in a small group.
With “Your Travel Mate” you get better prices, special offers, you are safer and you do not need to worry about wasting your valuable time researching sightseeing and activities at your destination as our team takes care of it for you. The only thing you need to do is follow our instructions and enjoy your vacation.