5 Days in Western Crete - Join a small group of 7 people!

Do you want to visit a sunny place and enjoy swimming in secluded beaches? Do you want to cross the longest gorge in Europe which ends up to an adorable beach for swimming? Do you want to enjoy a variety of activitites? Crete could be the best destination for you!


What can you do in Crete?

Crete is the fifth largest island in Mediterranean Sea and the largest in Greece. It is definitely one island you must visit, at least once in your life. In Crete you can find plenty things to do, especially in summertime, I will write some of these below.
First of all, for those who visit it during summer season, Crete has plenty beaches, some of them are secluded and accesible only by boat. Two of Crete’s beaches, “Elafonisi” and “Balos” are listed in many popular websites among the best beaches in the world. Also, you can enjoy the wildlife of the island like mountains, gorges etc.. Furthermore, If you are a person who likes extreme sports you can do scuba diving, water sports, bunjee jumping, sky diving (if available), paragliding, climbing etc.
Do not you ever leave the island without trying the local cuisine! Greek and Cretan cuisines have been combined with excellent quality local products resulting in an unforgettable taste. As long as you stay in Crete, relax and enjoy the local’s people hospitality. Join a traditional festival and dance to the rhythm of Cretan music.

So… in case you are interested on having unique and unforgettable vaccations, “Your Travel Mate” has found the best offers in Western Crete for you! Read below for more info:


Total Cost:

Included in price:

  • Transportation from & to Chania’s airport/port

  • 4 nights in a villa along with other group’s members (7-8 in total) with self-made breakfast

  • Transportation to the places where we will visit

  • Samaria’s Gorge entrance fee

  • Boat from Agia Roumeli (exit of Samaria Gorge) to Sougia

  • Balos & Gramvousa boat trip

  • Rent of a 10m rib private boat (with 250hp engine)

Not included in price:

  • Transportation from & to your place of origin

  • Meals (Although meals are not included, we have got discounts in popular taverns with local food)

For more info or for booking send us HERE.


From 22/07/2019 to 26/07/2019

1st day (22/07/2019):

We pick you up from Chania’s airport/port and we head to a cafe for breakfast. When we finish with our breakfast we will go to one of the best beaches around the world “Elafonisi” where you can enjoy the turquoise colour of sea and pink (mixed with broken shells) sand. Later on, we will continue sunbathing in a beach that for some people remain secret. For the daring ones, feel free to remove your swimwear as there you can find a part of the beach where nudists use to swim. Early in the evening we will head for meal in a traditional village and then with a fully-stomach we will return back to Chania.

After we will have a shower and relax a bit at villa’s garden. Then we will go downtown and get lost at the picturesque narrow roads surrounded by Venetian buildings. When we get hungry, we will have dinner in a nice tavern located in the old town. For those who like nightlife, you can have few drinks and cocktails in excellent small bars hidden in the old town or if you like to have a noisy and full of dance night you can visit “Platanias” a nearby village and have fun.

2nd day (23/07/2019):

We wake up early in the morning, we make our breakfast and we head to the Southern part of Crete. There, we will hire a 10m private rib boat (with a 250hp engine) to explore the Southern coast. There, there are some secluded beaches (some of them in a cave) accessible only by boat. Travelling with a boat has many advantages, one of them is that whenever you like, you drop your anchor and you dive.

When we feel hungry we can moor our boat and have our lunch in some taverns located in the Southern Coast. Late in the evening, we will return the boat to Chora Sfakion and we will go for dinner in a famous tavern, in Argyroupoli and then we will return back to our villa.

3rd day (24/07/2019)

We wake up, we make our breakfast and we head to the port of Kissamos where we will get onboard a vessel to Gramvousa where we can have the chance to visit a unique Venetian fortress where pirates used to find a shelter. Afterwards, we will sail to one more beach which is considered one of the best in the world… the Balos’ lagoon. Early in the evening we will return back to Kissamos’ port and then we will go to Falassarna where we will have an evening swim in a very beautiful beach. At night, if you don’t like to rest we can do a variety of activities.

4th day (25/06/2019)

The 4th day will be the hardest one, but you can join us only if you like to. This excursion will be held in cooperation with ELAFONISSOS TRAVEL. We will wake up early in the morning and we will go by a bus to Omalos village where we will have our breakfast. Omalos is the village where is the entrance of the longest gorge in Europe (about 16km). It takes around 4 - 6 hours to cross it. A guide will escort us from the begging till the end of the gorge where Agia Roumeli village is located. In Agia Roumeli we will swim and we will take the boat to Sougia where the bus will wait for us to bring us back to Chania. At night, if you don’t like to rest we can do a variety of activities.

5th day (26/06/2019)

The last day we will go to some of the most famous beaches of Akrotiri. One of this is Seitan Limania which was a beach that became famous the last few years. Today, it is one of the most famous beaches in Crete with many visitors per day. Also, we will go to Stavros beach where some scenes of “Zorbas the Greek” movie were filmed. Next stop will be a beach which is not famous but it worths visiting. At last, we will have our meal and dessert and we will head to the port or the airport for your departure.


This will be the villa where we will be hosted (a small group of 7-8 people), for 4 nights.

If you like to learn more or book it, feel free to text us on our Facebook page HERE or by e-mail at yourtravelm8@gmail.com

It will be our pleasure to meet you and travel together… :)