Would you travel alone?

How many times have you found travel offers that you really wanted to take advantage of, but you didn’t, because you couldn’t find someone to join you? Travelling alone has been a big problem for many people who love travelling, but is it really a problem or not? Below, we will say some things about solo traveling and we will let you decide.

You spent your time as you like

Each person is different, each person has his/her own interests. Even, if you are a couple for many years, even if you have a lot in common, you may do not like to do the same things. By travelling alone, you do not have to agree on things or adapt to someone else's wishes. You can do whatever you like, whenever you like and for how long you like and that’s a great advantage.

Could solo travelling be dangerous?

When you travel alone, it is true that you are a very easy target for someone. It could go something wrong, but if you are careful you do not need to be afraid. Travelling in places like Europe could be safe even for single travelers but it still needs to be careful. What you could do is… avoid walking alone during night and especially wearing jewelries or carrying any valuable thing with you anytime. Act like a local, be confident and never look like you are lost. If you get lost just enter a shop and ask for instructions. Try to blend in among other people when you walk in the road. By following the above tips, you will have a safer trip even if you are alone.

You make new friends


Even if you think you can stand alone and you don’t need anyone with you, loneliness will change your mind and will make you more social. When you are all alone in a foreign place you feel that you need to have someone to talk with and then you will reveal a new part of yourself and how easy it is to make new friends who may end up to be your best friends.

Increases your self confidence

It is a fact that when you travel alone, you may face a lot problems which you have to cope with. Being alone makes you think a lot, makes you see things from another perspective and till the end you will have known yourself better and you will be more comfortable in your own skin.

Is it cheapier?

Most of the times when you travel with others you stay in better and more expensive hotels, you eat in fancy restaurants etc. If you are a person who can live with the basic like staying in a hostel, eating street food or having a cold beer instead of an expensive cocktail you could decrease your travel costs significantly.

Finally, like everything else in the world, travelling alone, has advantages and disadvantages which each person will judge accordingly with his/her own preferences. Whatever your opinion is, travelling alone is definitely one experience you should live at least once in your life.